Tony Battah: A Charlotte Success Story

Business success is a lot like genius: it takes one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Tony Battah has shown the hard-work, diligence, savvy and enthusiasm can create a successful business model.

Tony Battah is the president of three different companies, and has proven he has the knowledge, ability and enthusiasm to take a business to the top. He is excited about the products he offers his customers, as well as the deals he can give them on great-looking and durable cabinets. As president of Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tony Battah has made the most of his business relationship with a Slovakian cabinet and furniture factory. By eliminating the middleman Tony Battah is able to cut costs on quality contemporary furniture and pass the savings on to his customers.

Tony Battah opened Hans Krug in November of 2012. His plan was simple: provide homeowners, architects, designers and builders with a contemporary cabinet option. You couldn’t find high quality contemporary cabinets in Charlotte at the time, and Tony Battah saw his opening. Hans Krug has since taken off and become a local success. Tony Battah intends to build on this success, with plans for expansion in the near future.

Tony Battah offers customers a showroom full of contemporary cabinet and furniture designs. The designs available at Hans Krug allow for a variety of finish and appliance options that promise to enliven any kitchen setting. Contemporary kitchen tastes now have a strong ally in Tony Battah.

Tony Battah is also president of Global Door Controls, the maker of commercial and residential door hardware, also in Charlotte, and of the Trans-Atlantic Company, a full-line industrial and commercial door hardware manufacturer based in Philadelphia, PA.


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