Tony Battah: Making Kitchens Affordable

Good quality generally doesn’t go hand-in-hand with affordable prices. Tony Battah has developed a way to make both work through his Hans Krug Fine European Cabinets Showroom.

Tony Battah is in the business of making affordable quality cabinets available to the public. His showroom designs offer more of a contemporary look than commonly-used modern day cabinet designs, and can help cut the costs kitchen renovations and restorations.

Tony Battah is a savvy business professional with a good eye for quality. Unable to find good-quality contemporary cabinets for his Charlotte area home kitchen remodel, he decided to go searching in other markets. Tony Battah discovered a great Slovakian furniture factory, and through the development of a mutually-beneficial business relationship was able to begin the direct import of fine-quality contemporary cabinets for his newly-opened Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry showroom. This showroom opened as the Hans Krug Fine European Cabinets company in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, and has been a hit with his customers ever since.

Tony Battah has one simple goal: to give every one of customers an affordable cabinet and design option. By being able to buy his products directly from the manufacturer, Tony Battah can cut the costs of a potential middleman and pass the savings directly to the homeowners, designers and homebuilders of his area. This has resulted in much success for Tony Battah.

Tony Battah and Hans Krug are trusted and highly-valued members of the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, or NARI.


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