Tony Battah Emphasizes Quality

Tony Battah owns and operates the Charlotte-based Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry company. Hans Krug provides discerning cabinet consumers the opportunity to experience the looks and style of well-designed European cabinetry.

Tony Battah was unable to find the right cabinets to fit his home renovations. This led to the creation of Hans Krug. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Hans Krug provides quality-made Slovakian cabinetry and design concepts to home owners and builders. Tony Battah has been in the building material business for 22 years, and was always looking for materials that brought the most out of a home’s appearance. It wasn’t until November of 2012 that Tony Battah decided to open his own building material business, giving consumers a whole new cabinet design option.

Cabinets can bring out the life and energy of a home’s kitchen. The right materials and construction can do wonders to open up a room and make it come alive. Tony Battah opened Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry because he saw a local demand for great-looking contemporary cabinets. Made in Slovakia, Tony Battah’s cabinets add a genuine contemporary look to people’s homes. Home renovations can be costly, unless one looks to Tony Battah for their cabinet needs.

Tony Battah established a good business relationship with the cabinet factory in Slovakia, and is therefore able to purchase the cabinets directly from them. The elimination of a wholesaler helps Tony Battah keep prices down for his consumers. Tony Battah wants nothing more than to make his customers’ shopping experiences as easy as possible.


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